Kings of Indigo  makes quality denims, tops and accessories inspired by American classics with a Japanese eye for detail; All Kings of Indigo items are designed to last long, quality wear for the next era. Every garment is made with a conscience; the Kings use innovative and sustainable production techniques where they can.

In January 2012 the first collection hit stores. The Kings launched a small denim inspired collection with character, quality and sustainable innovation as key features. The Kings are now selling their collection to over 250 carefully selected retailers in 12 countries and online, with a focus on Northern Europe.

Currently 10 Kings and Queens reign at the K.O.I Headquarters and the company is still expanding.

Nice to know:

The name K.O.I came from founder Tony Tonnaer’s favorite tattoo, a koi fish on his right shoulder in remembrance of his mother. Koi fish are intelligent creatures and they tend to swim against the stream which is a strong metaphor for the rebellion that comes with a denim lifestyle. In Japan the Koi stands for luck, love and perseverance.

The abbreviation K.O.I became Kings of Indigo at a Kings of Convenience concert in Club Watt, Rotterdam.

All Kings of Indigo styles are named after Kings and Queens from the past, keeping their blue blood pumping.

Kings Of Indigo